Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Greenland Kayak Workshop

Build your own kayak!

Join Great Lakes Kayak and The Northwest Passage as we welcome a unique boat building opportunity presented by Black Dog Kayaks.

Designed along the lines of the traditional Greenland style kayak, with a low rear deck, hard chines, and a shallow-V hull, our low volume kayak is just the ticket for the boat builder who wants an easy-to-build, traditional looking kayak. This boat building oportunity will see you assemble the frame, sand and finish/waterproof the frame and conclude skinning under the watchful eye of a professional boat builder and designer. The result a Greenland style kayak that is a true performer - fast, lightweight, and easy to roll.

Your Greenland Style Kayak kit includes a builders guide, pre-cut and notched marine plywood frames, cedar stringers, cockpit touring ring, skinning fabric, web trim, a countersink bit and waterproof glue.

- 2008 Price: Full package: $1,100, base package: $929
- Location: Great Lakes Kayak, Lake Bluff, IL

CLASS DATES (2008) - March 28-30
CLASS TIMES - All day Friday - Sunday
STATUS - OPEN Limited space

Activities: 3 day instructional session in skin-on-frame boat building.
All participants will depart with their own Greenland style kayak.
Dates: March 28-30, 2008 (All day Friday through Sunday)
2008 Price: $1,100 Full Package includes catered lunch, t-shirt, video DVD of weekend.
Base Package: $929 (boat only)
Location: Great Lakes Kayak, Lake Bluff, IL
Included in base package: One individual Greenland kayak kit, instructor, work space, equipment storage and for course duration, coffee, tea, hot water.
Full package includes: All the above and catered lunch(3 days), sponsor T-shirt, video DVD of weekend.
Not included: Transportation, drill/screwgun, a phillips screwdriver, clamps, and tape measure. Outing cancellaton insurance (please review your cancellation policy for full details) and instructor gratuity.
Suggested tools: sanding block or belt sander